Łochów Pałac i Folwark

June 2, 2022


MUSHROOM 2022 Gold Edition

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From April 1, 2022, you can register for the conference Mushrooms Event 2022 Gold Edition

June 2, 2022, at the Łochów Pałac i Folwark****

Participation is free of charge.

The register is kept by:
Mirosław Piekarski, tel. 502 556 366, miroslaw.piekarski@wokas.pl
Marcin Chęcel, tel. 531 465 401, marcin.checel@wokas.pl
Ewa Stepiuk, tel. 502 556 388, ewa.stepiuk@wokas.pl
Krystian Chwiłka, tel. 794 444 417, krystian.chwilka@wokas.pl

The conference will be run by Mr. Maciej Kurzajewski.

We invite you to an industry conference

June 2, 2022

Łochów Pałac i Folwark****

A series of nationwide events called Mushrooms Event is industry-specific conference events, during which we address both strictly mushroom-growing topics and those with which every business meets in its daily work.

We divide the conference into two themes. The first one involves lectures by recognized names in the mushroom industry, which realistically support and answer questions in the field of professional mushroom cultivation. The second one, in turn, deals with the issues of running a business, managerial support and motivation.

Mushrooms Event is not only an inspiring mine of specialist knowledge, but also an ideal opportunity to meet, exchange contacts and integrate the mushroom industry.

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9:30 – Opening ceremony and presentation of the current state of mushroom industry after pandemic – Dr. Krystian Szudyga, President of the Mushroom Association.

09:50 – Mushroom development – Dr. Nikodem Sakson

10:10 – Techniques and methods for creating and producing new breeds of mycelium – Steve Lodder, Amycel

10:50 – Energy cogeneration system – a different perspective on the diversification of energy resources – Witold Płatek, CES Sp. z o.o.

11:20 – 11:40 – Coffee break

11:40 – Transport and packaging line for the harvested mushrooms – Alan Doake, AXIS 

12:20 – Italian mushroom market in terms of production, import, export – Massimo Sartor, Italspawn 

13:10 – 14:00 – Lunch break

14:00 – Harvesting system, tilting shelves and factory automation – Jack Lemmen, GTL Europe 

14:50 – Improving energy efficiency in the mushroom farm – Hubert Szczerbal, Magik Sp. z o.o.

15:10 – 15:30 – Coffee break

15:30 – Every change means new possibilities – how to find opportunities in a reality that has turned upside down? – Marcin Prokop

16:30 – End